How to Identify Your Company’s Unique Selling Proposition?

You can create or discover your company’s Unique Selling Proposition.

Creating your USP should come from your ideal customer’s perspective. What matters most to your buyer? Just being different for the sake of being different may result in a frivolous, meaningless and potentially confusing point of differentiation. (“Hey! We’re the only plumber in town with purple vans!”  “Look at us!  We’re the only law firm with a bowling alley!”)

If you’re already successfully attracting clients, you should interview your best clients (the kind you love to work with and are profitable). Why did they pick you? Why would they refer business to you? Keep digging and you may discover that’s your already in possession of a solid competitive advantage.

Ask everyone who talks to your customers; your salespeople, customer service staff, field technicians and even your delivery people.  Ask, “Why do you think customers choose us?” and then “What do they say about us versus the others?”

Sometimes the most insightful ideas will come from places you’d never expect. (Ask a fool!)


Ask. Listen. Record.

Don’t put words in their mouths. (That ain’t sanitary). Don’t make this about who can come up with the Most Clever USP …  this is not about creating a Slogan. (sure communicating your USP in a powerful, memorable, eloquent persuasive way is essential – but don’t get ahead of yourself)

A USP is a must … but you may not have one yet. Make developing one your strategic intent and then marshal the resources and capabilities to make it a reality.