BrianI help companies get more customers and increase profitability. Using a proprietary system, I lower client acquisition costs (CAC) and improve marketing spend returns. Simply put, I get you more customers faster and save you money too.

How? Strategy, Innovation, Tracking and Testing.  When you can’t outspend your competition, out-think them. Know the market, position your business and build market share with an iterative communication strategy that systematically attracts more customers while lowering CAC.

Business Development

I create and manage co-marketing deals. If you don’t know what that means, please check out this post. Most of my clients are online companies, like direct marketers of software, publishers and other purveyors of digital goods. If you have a great product, I’ll help you find promotional partners. If you have a list of buyers, I can help you monetize it.

Conversion Rate Upgrades

Chances are you’re wasting a good portion your advertising and marketing dollars because you’re not properly tracking and testing better ways to attract and convert leads. I eliminate expensive and disastrous campaigns with an empirical approach. No hunches, no guess work.

My 20 years in financial services covered a lot of ground, from trading to software, research and data. I handled institutional business development for Standard & Poor’s Global Equity Research until 2007, then I ran away to set up my own business.

Here are some examples of some successful horizontal marketing alliances;

  • Member Discounts  AARP selects “products and services of high quality and value to carry the AARP name as well as help our members obtain discounts on a wide range of products, travel, and services.”
  • Employee Discounts  New York City offers cost-free employee fringe benefits in the way of special discounts and offers on things like gym memberships, car rentals and theater tickets.
  • Cross Promotions   Google promotes Adsense to web-hosting clients at HostGator. Evernote promotes  document scanners. Foursquare and ZAGAT.

There are many ways you can leverage another individual’s or organization’s reputation, reach and relationships to promote your brand more effectively and profitably.  I create marketing alliance between influencers and marketers. More articles on Horizontal Marketing Alliances: